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Brenda Hill 

  Book Editing Services

           Author * Editor * Writing Coach


During your search for an editor, you'll likely discover a wide range of prices and experiences. It can be confusing, especially to the new writer.

I'm a certified editor. I'm also a writer who realizes I cannot edit my own work; I'm too closely involved, and as it's been proven, a writer cannot see all of his/her own mistakes. So after I complete a novel, I search for editors and find many variances in services and fees.

Not only will you find differences in rates, but most editors charge fees according to the service needed. Most editing is expensive, and new writers may think they can't afford it. But I encourage you to find a way, even if it's just for basic proofreading. Your readers will thank you. And if you hope to sign with a literary agency, you MUST have a nearly-perfect manuscript.


Proofing: Lowest Fee

- checking for typos, punctuation, correct word usage

Copy/Line Editing - Higher Fee

- the same as above, but adding the service of checking sentence structure, and flow. Does the sentsentence/paragraph/page make sense?

Editing for Content - Highest Fee

- all of the above, but when editing for content, the editor must be skilled in story structure and have kno knowledge of the 3-Act story structure as well as plot points, also called turning points in the story.

And there are variations in each category. Some editors determine their fees based on how much work is needed, and that's based on the clients level of knowledge. In other words, how much work will the editor need to provide? How much time?

Obviously, a skilled writer who simply needs another pair of eyes to catch a few misplaced commas or a missed half of quotation marks will not take as much time as a new writer who has little knowledge of punctuation or any other skill. 

Most editors charge by the number of words, so they take the basic fee they've set for the service needs, then multiply that figure by the number of words in the manuscript. Others charge by the number of pages.


If an editor has determined the basic proofreading fee will be three cents per word, and the word count of the manuscript is 65,000:

BY THE WORD @ 3 cents per word:

65,000 x .03 = $1950.00

BY THE PAGE @ $5 per page: (before the computerized word count, the count was determined by averaging the numbers of pages by 250 - which was the standard word count used by the industry)

65,000 divided by 250 = 260 pages. 260 pages x $7 = $1820

As a comparison, one highly-successful self-publisher charges from $7 per page to $10 for copy/line editing. Createspace charged more.

To get an idea what an average might be, the EFA - Editorial Freelancers Association - publishes a guide to help determine rates: 

Although I've retired from editing full manuscripts, I still love working with writers on a part-time basis, so I offer a variety of services.

I hour Consultation:


If you feel your manuscript needs something, and would like personal advice, I suggest we meet for an hour. I'll read your opening pages to determine what level of coaching or editing you would need, and together we'll decide what path would be best for you.

Not every editor is right for every writer, so we will also discuss expectations.

Bring the first few pages of your manuscript, and after reading, we'll discuss what's needed. If I feel I can help you and we decide to meet again for coaching, I'll apply the consultation fee to your first hour's coaching and/or editing.

1st Chapter Analysis & Edit:


Your opening pages are critical to your success as a writer. Most agents/publishers read your first page to see if it's worth reading further. If your first few paragraphs aren't dynamic, no one will see that terrific scene you've slaved over in Chapter 8 or Chapter 14. I'll help you understand the techniques needed in your 1st Chapter, and once you've learned, you can apply the techniques to future works as well.

$75 for the first 2500 words, and my standard editing fee will apply only to the extra words . If your chapter exceeds 2500 words, please contact me by email.

Personal Writing Coach:


We'll meet at the appointed time to go over your pages. I'll do a line/copyediting as well as content editing, and I'll coach you on specific techniques the modern novel must have to be a page-turner.

I specialize in First Chapters and I'll show you how to transform an okay opening into a dynamic one. You may need one hour or you may need more. There are no contracts, so the amount of times we meet is entirely according to your needs and budget. You set the pace.

$75.00 per hr, 1 hr min.

Short Story Editing:


Up to 3000 words. If your story exceeds that limit, please contact me for xtra fees.

I'll work with you and show you how to sructure your story according to the word requirements the publisher suggests. The structure also works if you're self-publishing. Then I'll go over your manuscript and do a standard edit. 

Copy Editing - I will, occasionally accept a copy/line editing request, but that's rare.

I'll check each word, each sentence, each paragraph for correct spelling, word usage, punctuation, and sentence flow. I also correct front-loading sentences, and flag passive writing. Do your participles dangle? Don't worry, I'll find and kill them - or at least run them off the page.

I do not require a completed novel, so you may submit one chapter or thirty, but if I accept your manuscript, I will require a deposit to place it on the waiting list.

Depoist: $50

Fee to copyedit: 3 cents per word = .03 x word count

EXAMPLE: 65,000 word manuscript:

65,000 x .01 = $1950.00

Let's work together and

create some magic!

Thank you!

MS Word doc


12 pt font, preferably Times New Roman or similar

Be sure to include your name, email, title of novel, the genre, and word count.

Thank you.