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Brenda Hill 

  Book Editing Services

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

You may submit your novel electronically or by hard copy. I'll work with you to receive your submission in the format you are most comfortable with, but below are the industry standards that I'm accustomed to using and are easiest to work with:


* Save your document in Microsoft Word.

  • Contact me by email and ATTACH your document as a file.
  • Please do not paste your novel in the email text.

  • Use the email text space to address any concerns you may have.

Hard Copy:

  • English only, and I prefer COURIER, or TIMES NEW ROMAN but I will accept a readable font. 

  • Do not bind or staple together.
  • Please number your pages. The standard is upper right corner. 

  • Return box or mailer with correct postage. 

  • Please do not ask for my signature when I receive it. I'll gladly send an email to let you know it arrived. 

  • And please, for your own safety, never send your only copy.
  • No matter how you send your novel, please enclose your name, address, telephone number, and email, if applicable.

My background is in fiction novel editing. I do not edit poetry, childrens' books, or non-fiction.

A good editor is a busy one. A small deposit of $50 will ensure your spot on my schedule and I'll keep you informed as to my progress. I work exclusively on your manuscript. I never start one, work a little, then on another one. Other editors may alternate manuscripts, but for me, working only on yours keeps your story alive and helps when offering suggestions.

Priority service can be arranged if you need to meet a deadline; however I will not abandon another author's work for your own.


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  • MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express, by PayPal.
  • For Fee Schedule and Payment, Click Here